What if prescription orthotics are not what you need for now?

Most of the time our first pair of inserts or arch support are the ones we buy in the supermarket or pharmacy.  The problem here is that most devices sold in these places are not very supportive, which for many conditions other than perhaps "tired feet" make them essentially useless. Adequate support and cushioning are the main purpose of orthotics.

Fortunately, at Good Foot Podiatry, we realised the problem for those who could not afford, or perhaps did not need a prescription device and solved it by manufacturing Medical Grade Off-The-Shelf orthotics. These are pre-made devices but unlike pharmacy or store-bought arch supports, these orthotics are made out of prescription grade orthotic material, as such, they provide mild to moderate support and cushioning of feet.

Our off-the-shelf orthotics:

  • Provide semi-rigid arch support and heel cradle for increased support and stability
  • Are double layer, shock absorbing EVA foam cushion casing for enhanced comfort
  • Are heat and friction reducing, with anti-microbial top fabric
  • Have special heel pad cushions for increased comfort and protection
  • Are a full length, total contact foot support insole
  • Are moveable from shoe to shoe with no trimming required

Premade off-the-shelf orthotics are great for situations where a custom orthotic isn't required. Keep in mind, these orthotics are not a permanent replacement to Custom-made orthotics, but can address your needs in the meantime. Speak to Dr Gaza for guidance around your individual situation.