Biomechanics & Gait AnalysisBiomechanics & Gait Analysis

What is Biomechanics in Podiatry?

Biomechanics in Podiatry is assessment, diagnosing, treating and management of disorders and injuries of the lower limb and their associated structures.

Faulty structural and/or functional biomechanics often are responsible for some of the musculo-skeletal disorders of the lower extremities. As such, Good Foot Podiatry focuses on utilising technology and expertise in clinical practice, injury management and prevention of the feet, ankles and lower limb.

When treating chronic foot pain, the podiatrist will often assess the anatomy and function of the foot and lower limbs during gait (walking). This assessment of the shape and motion of the limb allows for an effective diagnosis of the cause of injuries and/or the development of deformities. This information is then used to develop an appropriate treatment plan to address the presenting problem.

What does a typical treatment plan include?

Assessment and treatment of foot and ankle disorders

  • Analysis of walking (Gait) pattern.
  • Assessment of mechanical causes of lower limb pain
  • Prescription of corrective foot orthoses/footwear for lower limb realignment and support.
  • Advice and modification of shoes, soccer boots and other sporting footwear.
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